The teen ministry at Christian Life Center is dynamic and thriving!  Middle and High Schoolers meet each Wednesday night for an impactful and engaging time to connect with other Godly teens and connect with God.  The youth sessions are energetic, engaging, encouraging and enlightening.  Each session is filled with dynamic teaching, group interaction, and a time of teen prayer.  The teaching format is diverse and includes everything from youth-led provocative discussions, to group learning, to passionate teaching from a youth leader.

We aim to create a platform for the youth to establish strong relationships with one another such that their strongest friendship bonds are birthed from within a family of Godly teens.

We identify emerging leaders and encourage, challenge, and develop their leadership skills. 

Our core values are:

·         A culture of prayer.

·         A culture of worship.

·         A culture of passionate God chasers.

·         A culture of racial diversity.

·         A culture of love of the word of God.


Every other month we hold a Worship & Fellowship event called Fahrenheit.  Fahrenheit is designed to allow the teens at Christian Life Center to connect with one another for a time of food, fun, & fellowship, coupled with a powerful time of teen worship and the word of God.  We have “off the wall” praise & worship featuring teen step teams, teen dance teams, teen prayer leaders, and dynamic teen speakers. 

Fellowship Events

We offer fellowship events that include everything from mall shopping trips, to sporting events, to bowling parties.  The fellowship events allow the teens to connect with one another for relationship building and peer development.